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- CK Lau


I am very happy with my latest purchase of Hearing Aids!!!. I am 90 and have had them now for four months and find my personal confidence has grown knowing that I am understanding people better instead of guessing what they are saying and how they are saying it. I feel easier carrying on a conversation. Now hearing helps me to understand simple directions gives me assurance now of what I can do rather than confusion and asking them to repeat. This was particularly evident with some-one with a quiet voice, a child or some-one with a strong accent. Now I know what they are saying and can act on their suggestions.

At first I had trouble with handling the batteries that were very small for my arthritic hands but Dr. Li suggested a pair that don't require inserting a battery but can be charged each night so are ready in the morning.

Putting on the Hearing Aids took some practice and at first I saw Dr. Li every five days to discuss the whole procedure and I knew he was available for any questions I might have, so I grew more confident in handling them and knowing what to expect, they are now second nature to me.  This regular coaching was very helpful. Now I am so pleased to hear more, understand and enjoy the people and world around me. 

- Sincerely Margaret Edmonds


Doctor Lee is very thorough and knowledgeable. He is caring, professional and provides great client service. He is patient and understands customer's needs. Dr. Lee is also diligent with follow ups.

- Lucy M 


I needed to get some hearing aids for my grandmother and i performed a google search and came across Excellent hearing. My first meeting with Dr. Lee was excellent!!! He performed a sound test for my grandmother and then explained the results to me. He then showed me the newest available technologies. We got the Behind the Ear digital hearing aid as my grandmother wanted something discrete and the price was really good. It only took a few days for the equipment to come. They reached out to me and we went back in to collect the hearing aids. Then Dr. Lee took time to program the earring aids to ensure my grandmother felt comfortable. He then explained the follow up procedures. Having only meet Dr. Lee for the first time i would strongly recommend going to his clinic. He takes great pride in his work and his quality care to his patients is amazing. Thank you for your support and I look forward to the follow up meetings. My grandmother was so happy to hear again!! 



我是一個96歲的婆婆,當我第一天步入卓能聽力中心,李博士的專業知識,細心講解,令到我聽到身邊家人説話。 多謝李博士,我好開心,感恩配了一對非常適合及價錢非常合理助聽器



 We are very satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Li and we readily recommend anyone who needs the same service. 

M.C. Chan


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