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I am very happy with my latest purchase of Hearing Aids!!!. I am 90 and have had them now for four months and find my personal confidence has grown knowing that I am understanding people better instead of guessing what they are saying and how they are saying it. I feel easier carrying on a conversation. Now hearing helps me to understand simple directions gives me assurance now of what I can do rather than confusion and asking them to repeat. This was particularly evident with some-one with a quiet voice, a child or some-one with a strong accent. Now I know what they are saying and can act on their suggestions.

At first I had trouble with handling the batteries that were very small for my arthritic hands but Dr. Li suggested a pair that don't require inserting a battery but can be charged each night so are ready in the morning.

Putting on the Hearing Aids took some practice and at first I saw Dr. Li every five days to discuss the whole procedure and I knew he was available for any questions I might have, so I grew more confident in handling them and knowing what to expect, they are now second nature to me.  This regular coaching was very helpful. Now I am so pleased to hear more, understand and enjoy the people and world around me. 

- Sincerely Margaret Edmonds


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