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EXCELLENT HEARING CLINIC is a registered professional hearing aid services centre and is also authorised to offer quality hearing instruments. I have recently renewed my hearing aid instruments by Dr. Herman Li who is a registered audiologist and a registered hearing instrument practitioner. Dr. Li possesses high principles and he rendered me his excellent services in different respects before and after consultations.

I am fully satisfied with his kind assistance to improve my hearing to a higher and enjoyable atmosphere in my daily life. I have therefore no hesitation to recommend DR. LI to my friends.

- Stephen Y Lee


感謝李博士再給我帶來人生的樂趣, 他使我重新領會聽覺上的享受

- KS Chan


本人是一位年老長者,得有聽覺不靈數年,曾試過戴耳机,但總覺不妥,無法接受,因雜音太多,聽覺不清。后經友人介绍,到卓能聽力中心,幸得到 李智年博士介绍。試戴初期也覺不妥,但經李智年博士多次細心調教,數天后,聽覺恢复,耳聽四方、清楚玲瓏,好似走入号外一個世界。那種心情,無法形容。李智年博士那種服務精神,小心照顧,顧客至上的精神,一言難盡。希望各位有聽覺不妥的人,請前往一試,便知其經驗一流。

- 黃女仕


Dr. Li provided professional and friendly service to my needs. He patiently listened to my problems and clearly explained how to solve them. Thank you, Dr. Li chose the right product for me.

- F.Leung


Dr. Li is very knowledgeable and professional. In our first meeting, he thoroughly introduced the different types of hearing aids, answered our questions, and helped us choose the right hearing aids, which fit my mother’s life style.

My mother is very satisfied with her hearing aids. Now, she can enjoy conversations with her friends in noisy restaurants, enjoy dancing with music, and much more … …

We are also very impressed with the clinic’s caring attitude and patient throughout the testing sessions and follow-ups.

We highly recommend Excellent Hearing Clinic to friends who need hearing aids.

- L.P


從沒想到自己在中年就發現聽覺出現問題,因害怕一直逃避不敢面對。 直到有一天路經卓能聽力中心,只想試試問問有關聽力檢查!就遇到李博士!他細心聆聽我的提問,從而知道我沒有勇氣面對聽力損失。李博士很有內心、細心、用很專業的態度講解,我才懂得面對! 經過聽力測試、選擇助聽噐、試戴耳機,用了幾個月時間適應!真的感謝李博士!謝謝你。 佩戴耳機後聽到了很清楚的聲音了。

- Eva Y.


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