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聽力障礙令我不能正常地與家人朋友溝通﹐因而缺乏了自信﹗多年前已配戴助聽器﹐轉換過多種產品仍然未能達到理想效果﹐直至遇到李智年博士﹐他的專業經驗豐富﹑態度仁慈 ﹑耐性講解﹑諄諄教導我這耆老使用新科技無線藍牙助聽器新產品﹐經過試戴一段時間﹐我已輕駕就熟地每天輕鬆愉快使用這新產品﹗現在﹑我在生活﹑學習﹑人際關係上都因聽力的改善令我恢復對生活上的自信心。 特此衷心感謝李博士無限的愛心協助﹐讓我重拾晚趣生活。

- J. Sam



- CF Wang


It is very grateful that you help my husband to hear more clearly and easily. These changes add more fun and happiness to us and our family. Thanks for your patience and your excellent service.

- Yuen San Li


Thank you very much for your professional knowledge, patience to teach and encourage me using the new technical hearing aids.

I consider myself fortunate to have met you. Your service communication skills, product knowledge and consideration of my need is excellent.

- Alice


近知悉 Dr. Li 在卓能聽力中心,便前往診治。經Dr. Li 介绍各種助聽器,並給予調校及試用,令我增加清晰聆聽。多謝你 Dr. Li。
祝你 身体健康!

- S. Choy


Dr. Li was extremely attentive and patient with my elderly mother who was getting fitted for hearing aids. There was never any rush or pressure from Dr. Li. This level of service is so hard to come by nowadays as service providers are quick to get your money and short on service. I am extremely happy to see such quality of service still exists. Follow up visits have been equally great. Well done Dr. Li!

- Ron.T


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