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Dr. Li fitted me with a pair of hearing aids which I have been very satisfied and happy with. I appreciated Dr. Li's professional and knowledgeable advice, as well as his patient and attentive service. He never pushed nor rushed me in purchasing the hearing aids. On top of all these, his follow-up service was excellent.

Since Dr. Li is so good professionally, I have recommended quite a few friends to him. All of them are very appreciative of Dr. Li's professionalism and service. Especially, one of them, who has been wearing hearing aids for years and has been treated by other audiologists, keeps saying that Dr. Li is the most careful and attentive in his service to her. Therefore, I shall continue to recommend my family and friends to Dr. Li.

- Katie T.


My Social life has greatly improved since I used my hearing aids. Not only because I am now able to participate and join in our family conversations, but also because I am now able to savour my delicious meal as my family and I eat in an Asian restaurant, amidst its busyness and loud conversations of other diners.

- Ning D.


Dr. Li did a good job treating my hearing loss. His appointments with me were well organized; they were efficient and covered all the needs for an efficient result. His recommendations were good and excellent, and I would be delighted to recommend Dr. Li to other patients or groups. Dr. Li even did House Calls if I had a problem with the system. House Calls are a thing of the past with the medical profession in general. I am very appreciative of the service he has given to me.

- Gramham T.


I called the clinic as I had thought I damaged my ear from loud noise, it felt blocked and clogged, and I explained my situation to the clinic by phone, and they got me in touch with Dr. Herman Li, and Dr. Herman Li talked to me on the phone and was able to see me within 3 hours. Very patient, very informative, very good hearing examination. He actually found something in my ear that the doctor I saw the day before missed, and he was able to extract it with no problem. I highly recommend Dr. Herman Li.

- James H.


Dr Herman Li’s helpfulness was outstanding. He was very thorough & did many tests I never had done before to find my hearing problems. The office was always ready for my appointment. I always felt comfortable asking questions. I would recommend him to anyone. Overall great service & follow up.

- A satisfied customer, J. Kennedy


Although the process of acquiring hearing aids is lengthy, my mother is pleased to experience the process at Excellent Hearing Clinic.

Dr. Herman Li is knowledgeable and yet personable. With Dr. Li’s patient and professional support, my mother is delighted to acquire the appropriate hearing aids which in turn assist her in getting better connection with the people and environment around her.

- H.Y.


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