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Dr. Li kept his schedule so well that my appointment with him never involved any wait time. He balanced updated research with common sense, really listened to my concerns, and answered my questions thoroughly. In fact, I was never rushed through any appointments. Dr. Li also demonstrated himself as a professional who really enjoys his work and is passionate about the well being of his patients. I strongly recommend Dr. Li to anyone who needs professional hearing care service.

Kon Li



  • 這是一間很為聽力有問題的人仕盡責的公司。
  • 對於我們不認知(助聽器),他們有很專業的講解和介绍。
  • 對於聽力有問題的顧客,他們的耐性和容忍能力是值得推薦。
  • 他們會有很長的跟進和服務,對於使用者,令他們不怕因助聽器有甚麽問題而得不到支援和幫助。
  • 這裏的儀器全都電腦,而且配合Dr. Li 的專業,令聽力有問題的朋友不用担心。
  • 以多種語言服務,對於不懂英語的朋友,是一間可選擇的公司。

E. Chan


As a highly educated and experienced audiologist, Dr. Herman Li provides an exceptional level of service. 

The comprehensive initial hearing test was followed by frequent appointments for fittings and adjustments, using the latest computer technology, to ensure that the new hearing aids were functioning at the best.   

Therefore, it is with utmost confidence that I am recommending Dr. Li for his professionalism and dedication to improving the quality of life for his patients.

Elaine Homma


Dr. Herman Li is a sincere, erudite and meticulous hearing aids specialist. He has helped my wife and me to recover from hearing difficulties which we had suffered for over sixty years. During the course of treatment, he took the greatest of pains to test, adjust and fit in our ears the latest high- technique hearing aid products and satisfactorily carried out the tasks to perfection.



Recently I found I needed a hearing assessment and happened to pass by the Excellent Hearing Clinic in Lansdowne Mall. Since their location and opening hours suit my work schedule well,I went in for an appointment to see what needed to be done. I am so glad I made the right choice. Not only did Dr Li demonstrate full professionalism in the assessment process, he was extremely thorough in fine-tuning the hearing aids that were provided to me so as to achieve the best results in the hearing quality. Throughout our follow-up sessions, he spared no efforts in rectifying any defects, however minor they might be. The receptionist is also very friendly and diligent in follow-up calls to ensurethat I didn’t miss any appointment. I am totally happy with their service.

- NC


I am very pleased with my new hearing aid. I never realized how much I was missing in my conversations with my family, friends and even strangers.

Also, I am very happy and satisfied with the product and especially how Dr. Herman Li, with his professional knowledge and his patience, has treated me. I have since recommended Dr. Li to one of our friends. The followup has been excellent and I am looking forward to many more visits for any adjustments and any queries I may have.
Thank you, Dr. L

- Reiko Mar


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