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近知悉 Dr. Li 在卓能聽力中心,便前往診治。經Dr. Li 介绍各種助聽器,並給予調校及試用,令我增加清晰聆聽。多謝你 Dr. Li。
祝你 身体健康!

- S. Choy



- Frances L.



- B. Chen


我是82歲的母親、因聽力下降與家人交談常發生爭吵、要求他們說話聲音大點、我還經常打岔、後來他們要我配載助聽器、我找了二、三家配助聽器店鋪、相比較、選擇了卓能聽力中心、因為他們服務態度很好、很負責任、李博士技朮很專業、 價錢合理。 如果老人聽力下降需配載助聽器、就來卓能聽力中心。

- Y. Tian



- Flo. Chau


I wish to express my hearty thanks to your excellent services and expertise provided to me in improving my deteriorated hearing ability through your professional hearing aid assessment and consultation as well as your follow up services. With your professional assistance, I have successfully acquired an ideal pair of hearing aid which well fitted to me and so tiny that people could hardly notice that I am wearing them. Furthermore, with its related accessories that I have the benefits of the convenient audio reception in that I could walk around and even doing things in the kitchen area or in another room to hear clearly the news broadcasting or listen to the radio etc.

Here I also would like to express my hearty thanks to Dr. Li for his prompt and professional follow up services provide to me whenever I needed to allow me to have the fullest use of this pair of hearing aid. He is very patient and cheerful to listen to my request and never failed to satisfy the service that I required his professional advice and assistance.

Thank you very much Dr. Li.

- Peter L.


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